At Xavient, we want each of our employees to prosper, from the moment they become a part of Xavient family. We understand that each individual is different and we respect that uniqueness about them. Read moreDeepika PillaiDirector, Human Resources, Xavient India

HR Speak

If you believe in innovating, creating something new and carry a ‘go-getter’ attitude, you have exactly the attributes that we are looking for. We look for candidates who have the passion to achieve something new every day, with an unmatched enthusiasm for excelling in their profession.

Here, at Xavient, we encourage our employees to infuse their personal growth into the growth of the company, with skills that we enable you to develop along your journey. With occasional challenges sent your way, we make sure that you emerge as a clear leader in your domain, with high quality results to offer to our clients. Our motto to nurture our employees is something that we live by, as for us, you are the heart our organization.

In an environment that is always high on energy, you will be driven to achieve the extra ordinary, constantly improving your performance along the way. Once you join the Xavient family, we assure you, that you will find yourself to be an evolved professional, in almost no time!

So, come on board, we can’t wait to have you with us on this exciting journey.

At Xavient, we build a fun work environment which also helps improve productivity by a great margin. While our clients, tasks and projects still hold the highest importance for us, we make sure that our employees are frequently engaged in some interesting activity or the other. With various activities throughout the year, right from from Team Celebrations and offsite trips to annual sports and cultural events, we make your life at Xavient quite exciting!

We assure you, that at Xavient, we make you want to come to work and most importantly love your work, every single day!

Opportunity to grow and learn is what I like most about Xavient. Xavient has given me the diversified experience of exploring different and challenging IT industry verticals thereby enriching my experience and making me strive to achieve more. With focus on people, processes coupled with energy and fun at workplace, Xavient has been doing all the right things to provide an environment for all round growth for its employees. It’s an enriching and exciting journey while contributing to Xavient’s growth roadmap.
Archana Sharma

Director, Xavient India

At Xavient, the cross-cultural backgrounds within our work force have exposed me and others to an alternative work environment. The cultural differences strengthen our employees by the interaction and diverse perspectives. Their individual perspectives and voice enables us to leverage the talents of our employee base. Xavient’s transparent culture and entrepreneurship encourages open thinking and challenges the norm.
Kelly Ross

Vice President, Client Engagement, Xavient U.S

For some people, a big paycheck is all they need. For others, especially young professionals who are seeking an environment where they can thrive in a positive learning environment, Xavient is the place to be. It is one of best places for ambitious people to learn and grow due to its resourceful background and built-in entrepreneurial spirit. Long story short: good pay, great benefits, friendly working environment, and appreciation from both your peers and management. That’s why I love my job here at Xavient!Jessica Zhou

Client Engagement Partner, Xavient U.S

Why do I think Xavient is a great company to work for? There are many reasons, but to start with, I would say I’ve got great visibility in this organization and the ability to directly approach the management at any level. The recognition for my work along with the direction on how I can enhance it, helps me perform better than ever before. In an environment so enriching, you come across a career path crafted based on your individual interests. There are many streams and we are free to discuss and choose the one best suited for our career perspective.Amit Kumar Singh

Manager, Development, Xavient U.S