Digital Services

In an era where the Internet and technology are evolving and growing exponentially, it has become an absolute necessity for all businesses to keep up with the pace of innovation. We, at Xavient, believe in focusing on in-depth research, constantly upgrading our technology and staying ahead of the latest in the industry to ensure timely delivery of innovative cutting-edge Next-Generation solutions in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Over-The-Top (OTT) Solutions, Cloud Services and Business Intelligence & Analytics are tailored to fit our customers’ specific business needs.

Xavient offers the following value differentiators to its customers with respect to Next-Gen solutions:
  • A dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Next-Gen solutions with our experts working diligently on the latest emerging technologies.
  • Extensive analysis and research on every industry, business model, technology and existing and potential solutions to offer our customers.
  • Innovative thinking and a forward looking approach that helps us conceive holistic solutions to benefit our customers, rather than simple implementation of solutions that already exist in the market.
  • Innovative solutions brought to life through our unique blend of in-house solution accelerators and frameworks.
Adopting to cutting-edge technologies without putting much thought behind it often leads organizations in having a complex system in place, which is difficult to manage. Thus, most organizations today are making cautious effort and demanding customized solutions that can instantly match their business requirements and are easy to understand and operate. We, at Xavient, comprehend with this need and strive to build solutions specifically designed to suit our customers’ businesses. This approach enabled us to develop Da Vinci Platform, which happens to be a proprietary platform by Xavient to support Bots, NLP systems, Sentiment & Behavioral Analysis.

Use Cases
  • Customer Churn: Precisely predicts the probability of customer churn. Identifies and alerts potential customers who has a higher probability to churn. Devise custom campaign strategies.
  • Upsell Engine: Predictive Model to determine the likelihood of various future customers; injected across multiple channels. Collects data points to encourage desired behavior and/or prevent negative behavior.
  • Right Sizing: Right size the packages that will help reduce churn. For those customers who are unable to pay higher bills due to budget constraints or for those who want to disconnect or looking for discounts.
  • Roll to Pay: Prediction model that will predict which customers are likely to Roll to Pay (RTP) after free trial period expires. Helps run a targeted marketing campaign.
  • Propensity to Pay – P2P: Financial model wherein customers who fail to pay their bill on time, enter primary collections after a certain period. P2P can help customers to resolve it in several ways and can predict resolution types.
  • True Lift: Customer likelihood to buy a specific channel, with and without treatment.
With Internet and technology growing exponentially, businesses can no longer afford to play catch-up. Xavient believes in constantly upgrading its technology, thus, leveraging innovation in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (MI) we develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to suit our customers’ specific business needs.

Owing to our varied experience across different verticals, we have the ability to recognize business requirements to successfully deliver solutions with a right balance of cost and quality.

AMPLIFY is Xavient’s in-house built AI Platform for Real-Time Speech-to-Text Conversion & Analytics. It is an Omni channel analytics platform that converts customer interactions aggregated from various channels into intelligent patterns. Amplify also detects issues and drives recommended actions, significantly improving empathy and achieving positive business outcomes.

  • First Call Resolution in call centers
  • Increased productivity and Net Promoter Scores
  • Proactive outreach to dissatisfied customers, thereby reducing churn
  • Personalized upsell opportunities, decreasing issues and increasing number of delighted customers

Architected on open source technologies, it can be implemented easily and cost-effectively into existing enterprise IT architectures.

  • Analyze: Amplify distills millions of calls in minutes. It analyzes, interprets, categorizes, and prioritizes them into critical problems that need speedy resolution.
  • Recommend: Amplify works on all channel analytics that helps in providing a better understanding and grip of issues, besides expedited recommendations.
  • Engage: Amplify has a no latency architecture, which improves customer experience and satisfaction for effective and focused engagement of agents.
  • Improve: AMPLIFY improves the application and utilization of AI learning for domain dominance, and grows subject matter expertise across verticals.

Use Cases
  • Voice of the Customer: Knowing what the customers like, want, need, hate, or wish is like gold for any organization. Although this valuable information is collected on phone lines and stored in servers, it is never accessed, Amplify brings this information in the forefront.
  • Visual Voicemail: Amplify turns all the voicemails into readable text, to quickly and conveniently scan the voice messages.
  • Sales Optimization: Quantifying ‘hot leads’, ‘non prospects’ and ‘first time callers’ can boost sales. Amplify performs that task efficiently, helping discover various levels of calls and directing them accordingly.
  • Compliance: Amplify can detect required or unauthorized terms and phrases automatically, thus, avoiding risk and protecting both the consumer and business.
  • Agent Performance: Monitoring agents’ behavior is crucial for the organization. Did the agent act professionally? Did the agent collect all necessary information? Amplify helps in getting all the answers as it monitors agents and highlights when they veer from the script.
  • Auto Call Classification: Amplify can quickly and accurately classify calls at a fraction of the cost, thus, allowing replacement of human call scoring with VoiceBase’s speech to text API solution.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in the revolution journey of technology and the Internet, for it is constantly reshaping the way we interact, communicate, and live. Gartner estimates that 8.4 billion connected devices were in used in 2017 around the world, with a prediction to grow to 20.4 billion by 2020.

IoT is already making waves with value added home automation system that ties traditional security devices in an engaging predictive customer dashboard to advanced home automation that creates a smart home ecosystem with smart locks, sprinkler system, energy management, home appliances inventory, maintenance and warranty tracking, home entertainment hubs, lighting.

In addition to home automation, IoT is also expected to disrupt Retail, Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Utility, Transport, Telecommunication and Manufacturing sectors, thus, becoming the future of convergence and convenience for both customers and businesses alike.

Xavient’s IoT Lab: Areas of Research
  • Scalability in networking, storage and computation to handle exponential growth of data volume from sensors
  • Security of the ‘data-at-flight’ and ‘data-at-rest’ without compromising on scalability
  • Preservation of privacy of the user data and proper balance between privacy and utility
  • Interoperability among myriad sensor data sources (physical communication level, network level, data syntax level, and data semantics level)
  • Rich analytics and visualization (generic, sensor-specific, and domain-specific) provided in real-time, as required
Service Benefits
  • Unified identity for ‘Things’; trustable sensors
  • Effortless interactions with machines & devices
  • Strategies for large scale sensor data streams
  • Diverse device management, testing & validation
  • Increased robustness, alternate communication modalities
  • Improved coverage, reduced cost
  • Interfaces for Interoperability
  • Variable Services Design
IoT Use Cases
Home intelligence
  • Tracking of home appliances warranty, maintenance, health
  • Supplies needed
  • Scheduling
Energy Efficiency
  • Intelligent self-learning thermostats
  • Insulation
  • Recommendation for improvement
  • Smart speakers, TVs, STBs
  • Mobile
  • Air Quality- monitor CO, humidity, Hydrogen Gas, Nitrogen oxide, NH3, Nox, Alcohol etc.
  • At home medical devices
Home Security
  • Augmented security systems that tie sensors, video, automated locks, access control
  • Sound detection- pets, babies, unrecognized voices
Home Comfort
  • Automation of key connected devices to create an ambience based on pre-programmed logic, time of the day, music playing, no of people in the house
  • Automation of daily tasks
Features of Home Automation System
  • Instant notifications for triggered alarms, water leaks and flooding, Carbon Monoxide levels, smoke and heat from fire
  • Remotely lock & unlock your door
  • Cellular backup keeps security monitoring and alarms working in the event of a lost internet connection
  • Recorded video clips and images can be sent as text or email
  • Keep an eye on pets or watch for deliveries while at work, or on vacation
  • Adjust your thermostat remotely or set automated schedules to lower energy costs
  • Turn your lights on or off using Smart LED Light Bulbs
  • Set-up customized rules so that your home takes action based on personalized events or triggers
With the telecommunications domain going through an intense innovative phase, it is needless to say that OTT solutions are expected to decide the future of the communication landscape across all industries. Owing to the quality of content delivery that it offers to service providers, OTT solutions will give telecom businesses the opportunity to maximize their revenues.

Xavient possesses in-depth knowledge of the components and expertise that go into developing flawless OTT solutions. Our OTT solutions provide our customers with the capability to improve and augment their content offerings in order to exceed the various ever-changing needs of their customers. In turn, our solutions enable our customers to create a much larger customer base and to deliver directly to those customers, consequently generating more revenue.

Following are some of the OTT solution areas that Xavient caters in:

  • Audio, Video Streaming
  • VOIP
  • Social Media
  • Instant Messaging
  • Broadcasting
  • E-commerce
  • BYOD
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Smart TV
  • Gaming
  • Internet TV

The emergence of cloud based services is fast urging businesses around the world to shift operations on the virtual front. This shift has enabled companies to operate complex functions efficiently and in a cost effective manner. With Xavient’s expertise and domain knowledge, we work towards enabling our clients to automate their services and enhance their infrastructure. The need to introduce agility and collaboration further strengthens the importance of Cloud-based services.

Xavient consolidates and delivers its Cloud services expertise and best practices in the following ways:

  • TCO and Cloud Pricing Analysis
  • Architecture & Consultancy
  • Enabling & Engineering Services
  • Integration Services
  • Software to Cloud transition
  • Test & Configuration Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Support Services

Our Key Services

  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Enabling and Engineering Services
  • Cloud Integration and Migration Services
  • Independent Cloud Testing Services
  • Cloud Analytics and BI Services
  • Cloud Performance Monitoring
  • Technical Operations Support

Big Data is clearly making its way into every sector and function in the global economy. In the process, most businesses now rely heavily on their valuable data. However, a major challenge lies in dealing with unstructured data, which leave businesses without insight into meaningful information that can help in decision making.

Our experts at Xavient, understand the need for an intelligent business system with capabilities of analyzing both content and context of data. Our Data Science and Analytics solutions ensure improvement in efficiency and productivity for business processes of our clients, by extracting insights from the variety of structured and unstructured data that Big Data can encompass.

Xavient’s Data Science & Analytics services include the following:

Analytics & Reporting
  • Multidimensional Analytics Framework
  • Process Oriented Approach based reporting
Strategy Consulting
  • Design and Architecture
  • Business Requirements Analysis & Data Modeling
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • BI System Analysis
Solutions Development
  • BI Portal Design and Reporting
  • Construct and Implement BI & Data Warehouse solutions
  • ETL Architecture, Development & Custom Reporting
What sets one company apart from the rest in any given industry depends on the kind of User Experience that company is capable of offering to its clients. With the increasing focus on UI/UX, it is extremely important to understand the complete picture of how a target audience is actually using or viewing the applications and/or products offered by a business. Keeping this big picture in mind, and combining it with our expertise, Xavient delivers some of the best UI/UX solutions in the IT industry. Today, the need for an advanced user experience has multiplied by many times, as almost everything is based on computer- human interaction. In this era, where technology plays an inevitable role in the average user’s life, the importance of a great user interface along with an even better user experience is what counts the most.

How We Are Different:

The biggest differentiator in today’s visual and user-centric world is a remarkable user experience. We believe in delivering the best possible user experience and hence our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. With years of experience, we have done some extensive UI/UX work across industry verticals. Here is what makes us stand out in the crowd:

  • Deep insight and understanding of UI/UX concepts backed by extensive experience
  • Emphasis on making designs intuitive and representative of the customers’ vision
  • The right tools and applications for the best possible results
  • A large team of UI/UX experts who understand the design needs for every customer and deliver seamless user experiences.

Since a product’s design is a window to the product’s essence, we understand the criticality of a good user interface and the importance of an unforgettable user experience. With Xavient’s expertise in UI/ UX development, it is our goal to bridge the gap between the human mind and the mechanics of the product. The following areas of expertise are what we offer to our customers under our UI/ UX Development services:


Companies across the globe are increasingly going mobile in every possible aspect, developing solutions based on mobility. Organizations are leveraging the power of mobile technologies to reach out to their customers more effectively. Further, mobile technology has empowered businesses to unlock immense value and unleash their potential to break away from geographical limitations. Mobile devices have now become an integral part of the business and corporate ecosystem to enable effective collaboration, communication and connectivity with customers at all times. Xavient offers a portfolio of services and tools for the mobile enterprise that moves with the speed of its customers. Xavient combines the latest in mobile technology to develop a sound strategy to achieve our customers’ mobility goals and match their business needs. Organizations that have embraced Enterprise Mobility have also experienced a significant return on investment, which in turn also allows them to offer a competitive edge in the market.

Value Differentiators:
  • Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE): Our Enterprise Mobility CoE has a dedicated team of resources specialized and trained in the latest mobile application technology development. Xavient’s mobility experts enable delivery of high performance mobile agility in every solution that is offered to the customer.
  • Best-of-Breed Expert Professionals: Our mobility professionals have expertise around cross-platform browser based development for handheld devices, smartphones and tablet devices. Our team’s in-depth domain knowledge allows us to offer our client top notch services designed to help them go mobile.
  • State-of-the-art Mobility Lab: At Xavient, we have a dedicated mobile testing lab with in-house emulators and simulators, which enable the expert teams to formulate a mobile framework through an enterprise-wide strategy based approach and domain expertise.
  • Industry Best Practices based methodologies: Our expert team uses the best tools and technologies for managing client application delivery and assurance at every stage.
  • Ready to use solution accelerators: We develop re-usable solution accelerators and components with highest standards of quality and latest technology to deliver solutions faster and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We offer a complete gamut of Enterprise Mobility services that help clients roll out comprehensive mobility strategies and implement innovative solutions across mobile platforms and devices.

  • Consulting: Our Mobile consulting framework helps clients transform their business processes. Our consultants’ expertise in mobility enables them to formulate the right mobility strategy and roadmap for achieving business vales through ROI Evaluation, Device selection, Migration and Infrastructure design.
  • Mobile Application Development: At Xavient, we develop reference architectures for native application, browser application and Service Oriented Architecture for all types of mobile device platforms as per the client’s requirements to ensure that the right design and architecture is in place.
  • Application Implementation: Our experts at Xavient develop and implement application solutions by creating enterprise application stores through integrated mobile channel solutions. We secure the clients’ business processes by building the right security strategy around mobile devices. Our trained professionals give utmost importance to security when it comes to mobile, to help drive agility and improve productivity.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: We, at Xavient, have mature system test capabilities for mobile devices, including test planning, test design, evaluation, and quality assurance. The reliability on mobile and mobility makes it ever so important for organizations to ensure a problem free mobile application service for smooth running of their business. Our professional experts work towards offering high quality and un-matched results by integrating easily with your QA and Business needs. Xavient’s managed services enable complete testing and Quality assurance of mobile applications using testing tools for various device platforms. Our testing and QA experts believe in detecting and fixing defects at an early stage to help reduce quality costs. Xavient’s Quality Assurance and Testing services include:
    • Automation Testing
    • Functional, Field, Performance, Conformance testing
    • IoT
    • Mobile Cloud Testing