Xavient is a great company. Our company’s leadership is focused and regularly puts forth the effort to build the needed structures, processes and systems; to hire the right people with the right attitudes and the rights skills; to provide sensational benefits that nurture our employee’s needs, and to inspire and hold people accountable every day to the high standards we have set.

We are very customer centric and our employees collaborate daily with people they like and respect. Our strong positive culture, firmly grounded in a meaningful purpose, enables our talented employees to perform excellent work for our customers. The icing on the cake is the work provides our employees with opportunities to stretch their brain and skills and real chances to grow professionally.

Karen Reser
Vice President, Human Resources, Xavient U.S

At Xavient, we want each of our employees to prosper, from the moment they become a part of Xavient family. We understand that each individual is different and we respect that uniqueness about them. We work hard, but we also understand the importance of supporting a healthy, happy lifestyle; having a diverse work environment; and doing our part for our global environment.

Our core values – Passion, Innovation and Simplicity underpin everything that we do and we expect the same from our employees. We believe that these values are central to how we work. We also believe that they embed social responsibility at the core of our business philosophy.

In terms of benefits, we offer competitive pay; comprehensive benefits package, medical insurance inclusive of maternity coverage and retirement benefits; and many developmental opportunities. Beyond traditional benefits, we support employee’s health and well-being with various wellness initiatives, such as on-site health seminars, fun wellness competitions, bio metric screening, health check-ups, recreation facilities, gym and healthy snacks. At Xavient, we promote a stress free work environment. We celebrate our festivals together by organizing fun events, sport tournaments, annual events etc.

We have a global integrated delivery network which allows our people to work at our various geographical locations. We believe in building a network across gender, nationality, religion and all such factors. We promote work life balance and continuity by supporting employee well-being through inclusive policies, support systems and employee assistance program. We have made an effort to create positive work environment through awareness forums, such as the internal ESN (Hallwaze) where everyone is treated as equal irrespective of ranks and grades and have open access to senior management team, voicing their opinion and being heard. We firmly believe that every voice and opinion matters.

We encourage our people at each step and expect them to seize every opportunity that comes their way. Through our values and culture, we want to make your experience with Xavient the best you’ve ever had. Join us to experience it and see it for yourself!

Deepika Pillai
Director, Human Resources, Xavient India