Workplace Conflict Resolution-Actions to Avoid

Workplace conflict is very common and it happens in all corners of the organization. There are very few offices where all the employees get along. Hence, conflict resolution is a necessary component of the workplace, and those in a leadership position must be skilled in conflict resolution techniques. When conflicts go unaddressed, they can have a negative impact on productivity and teamwork. It is important to address such issues in order to maintain a cordial environment at work. Clashes can be avoided if steps are taken early in a discussion to diffuse anger and facilitate communication, and it can be resolved by applying a series of thoughtfully applied steps.

HR Business Partner Mission

Under the business partner model, HR professionals not only work with business leaders to draft strategies, but also focus and collaborate on how to implement those strategies. As business leaders closely coordinate with HR professionals, they are better attuned to the importance of talent in the organisation and this helps turn aspirations into actions, and strategic intent into business results.

Equality and Freedom of Expression at Workplace

Description - Organisations that involves its employees and gives them an opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts are often more productive. A happy employee is more dedicated and loyal to work, than an employee that is not admired and respected at work.

The World Without Wires: Rise of Serverless Computing

Mohiuddin Khan Inamdar, Senior Solutions Architect at Xavient Information Systems shares “Servers will always remain and even “Serverless” runs on Servers!! Serverless Computing simply adds another layer atop cloud, so that the developers no more have to worry about servers, not even about the virtual ones. Basically, going serverless allows the developers to shift their focus from the server level to their task level.

The need to understand equality in order to motivate employees in the work place

Equality, fairness and impartiality are a vital part of a successful organization. A workplace is a mix of various cultures, attitudes, perspectives, skills and ideas. Hence arises the need for appreciation and respect for difference. This difference is to be nurtured in a way that leads to motivation among employees and growth of the organization. To respect and balance this difference, it becomes inevitable to practice equality across the organization.

Software’s Role in Inventory Planning

A snippet by Sushil K. Mishra, technical director of the retail IT practice at Xavient Information Systems, a leading, U.S.-based provider of IT services to Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of industries.

HR Business Partner Mission-A Critical Role

Skilled HR business partner helps internal clients find best solution with HR in an optimal way The complexities of the HR industry are elusive in understanding to many, including top management, hiring managers and even employees. From administrating, policy writing, payroll processing, to recruiting and retaining, HR has its roots buried deeply in important processes in an organization.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?

Disasters- natural or man-made, can occur anytime. As IT systems are emerging as the backbone of maintenance for any organization, the importance of their upkeep has increased. Companies are slowly giving up on their manual processes and progressing towards software. This in turn increases the demand for data storage, its upkeep and recovery, without which, a company can face massive depreciation in finances, which can hamper its face value and trust.

How Cloud computing assisted CIOs to transform business

The Cloud has seen a remarkable growth in the last few years and cloud adoption in India is happening at a rapid pace. If one follows the growth path of cloud in the country, the adoption of cloud services has seen a rise irrespective of the industry type and the size of business. Given its huge potential for different industries, all verticals say manufacturing, railways, banking, retail, education and healthcare are switching to cloud services for optimized reach and performance as well as for elasticity and scalability. Gartner predicts that by 2020, a corporate ‘no-cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today, which isn’t very difficult to believe considering the current scenario of cloud services growth.

Top 6 IT jobs that will survive automation pressure

Automation is being projected as a threat to jobs, but some job profiles will indeed grow even in that era!
Diksha Gupta,
Ever since automation came into being, it has been a fear for many in the IT-ITes industry. Recent studies by Nasscom and McKinsey Global Institute accelerated the fear further by stating that like low-skill, low-wage jobs some high-skill, high-wage jobs too will succumb to the pressure of automation.


Noida (Uttar Pradesh), July 16 (ANI-Newsvoir): Xavient Information Systems, an IT consulting and software services company based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, has won three awards at the 11th Annual Network PG's 2016 IT World Awards. It secured the Gold Winner in the 'Best IT Company of The Year (Services)' category; Silver Winner in the 'IT Project of The Year" category and Bronze Winner in the 'Best Deployment and Case Studies' category

Just Promoted

Beena was in cloud nine when her boss handed her the promotion letter. She was expecting an elevation but not so fast. She was happy but equally aware of the huge responsibility that was coming with her new profile.

Securing the future

Though they were both born in California and deal with electronic technology, Xavient Information Systems and SecureAuth are distinctly different companies. The former is an information technology and software services hub that dabbles in business sectors from telecommunications and financial services to retail and healthcare. The latter is a security provider focused on improving authentication processes and protecting users’ identities. Together, however, the two organizations serve as an example of how Fairfax County, and Northern Virginia in general, has emerged as a significant center for the technology industry on the U.S. Eastern seaboard.

Hiring Surge

Xavient Information Systems is on a hiring spree with plans to add more than 1000 new employees companywide this year.

Ideal working hours

During the last couple of weeks, Chitra has been really bogged down by the amount of office works she has been assigned to complete by her boss. Sitting late in office has become a norm rather than an exception.

Banks to Concentrate More on Big Data and Understand the Consumer Behaviour

Banks have an exuberant amount of data that keeps growing at a tremendous pace. From 2007 to 2015, Big Data analytics observed a rise in digital data from an approximate 281 Exabyte to almost 8000 Exabyte in the world. This overwhelming increase of digital information from around the world has motivated many international banking and financial services to adopt Big Data technologies. The banking sector in India however, is not as proactive in introducing this technology into their system yet.

Enterprise Mobility-The Biggest Trendsetter for 2016

Enterprise Mobility has emerged as the need of the hour with organizations that are looking to increasing businesses productivity, forging better customer relationship and making decisions faster. But the question is how much time before India picks this trend – Enterprise Mobility has emerged as a big business booster for enterprises of different sizes.

Impact of Digital India on the nation

The Digital India Initiative is quite ambitious and aspirational. It is the dream project of the government to bring India to the global platform. This vision aims to transform our country into a digital economy with participation from citizens and businesses. This initiative will ensure that all government services and information are available anywhere, anytime, on any device that is easy-to-use, seamless, highly-available and secured as well. It seeks to lay emphasis on e-governance and transform India into a digitally empowered society.

End-to-End Solutions in Redefining mode

The trend towards end-to-end solutions is jostling relationships between vendors and partners. Providing a complete set of quality solutions has risen up in a big way which has led to partnerships or alliances in distributor communities. Sometimes, one partnership breaks and another form which sends a ripple through the industry.

IT to play a Dominant Role in Digital India Initiative’s Success

Headquartered in California, Xavient is an IT consulting firm that provides enterprise solutions and operational support services like customization, enhancement, OSS/BSS applications, infrastructure & security management and many others.

Be Yourself; Value Yourself; Empower Yourself;

In a recent piece of news, the SC spoke in favour of the women workforce, stating that women have come a long way from being passive accepters of welfare schemes; they now act as active agents of change.

Post Budget Reactions from Ashish Jain, Director – Finance, Xavient Information Systems

“Once again, no attention has been given to SEZ and IT sector units which are contributing a lot to the economic development of the country. MAT was imposed on SEZ units few years back which discouraged service sector exporters and particularly IT sector exporters to set up business inside SEZs and since then, every year, there has been expectations that it would be rolled back. In general, there is nothing for medium sized corporates and individuals in this budget and rather cost of services have been increased in form of increased service tax which is a major disappointment for all.” said Ashish Jain, Director - Finance, Xavient Information Systems."

Budget 2016: Industry Reactions

The union finance minister Arun Jaitley presented Budget 2016 to the parliament with prime focus on Rural First strategy.

What to expect from Union Budget 2016-17?

The new financial year is about to get started and budget expectations of industrialists from the government has risen up,as compared to last year.Reasons could be for implementation of goods and services(GST) tax, supporting business for economic growth, manufacturing in India and other promises made by the government for supporting the economy and business expansions.

Budget Expectations from Mr. Arshad Majeed, Executive Vice President (Global Delivery), Xavient Information Systems

“All eyes are on the Budget 2016-17 this February. One of the very obvious expectation that is taking the rounds is initiated by Prime Minister’s idea of creating more jobs and we hear that the benefits to the employers would be in the form of tax exemption. Some reduction in corporate tax this year would be a welcome step by the industry. A detailed road map and greater funds allocation is anticipated for the Smart City Initiative. The hopes ride high for this year’s budget and we believe the focus to be on digital literacy, improved connectivity and access to technology. The Digital India initiative is something to look forward to and budget support in this regard is highly expected for encouraging more startups. And since we operate in the NSEZ, we definitely await the removal of MAT from the SEZ’s, that has been long due.”

Deepika Pillai (Director – HR), on the importance of employee feedback

In today’s world, talent is the most important asset that organisations have and it is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. The workplace is undergoing a transformation with the evolving mindsets of the multi-generation workforce that functions in the market today. Due to changing nature of work and workforce, the industry is experiencing a shift from traditional performance assessment models.

This Is How You Can Attract Top Talent In Industry

Any organization’s success or failure indispensably depends on its workforce. The owner solely cannot take the company to heights and thus, on-boarding the right fit of people becomes inevitable.

IoT – The Tomorrow of TECHNOLOGY

It’s not the first time the world has come across the concept of Internet of Things (IoT), but yes the world was never before more closely associated with the idea of IoT, thanks to the all-pervading impact of the Internet as it enters every aspect of our activities, virtually. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s every programme having IoT as an essential element, the story has just started unfolding for India, write Nirmal Anshu Ranjan & Akanki Sharma of Elets News Network (ENN)

2016 Forecast: Sunny, With a Chance of Gigabits

What’s in store for broadband this year? “Bandwidth usage will keep going up,” says Scott Helms, chief technology officer of ZCorum, echoing a common theme.

Yesterday’s Experiment Spawns Tomorrow’s Biz Edge

Technology marches ever forward. That's good news for firms seeking competitive traction. Here's how they plan to advance in 2016: • Push for progress. Three out of four executives expect their firms to increase their innovation budgets in the coming year. That's according to a Harris Poll of 300 executives at firms with $1 billion-plus revenue. The study, commissioned by...

Strong Security Will Underpin IoT Success

The Internet of Things is ushering in a Jetson-like future in which almost every device is capable of connecting to the Internet and is redefining the way humans interact with their immediate environments. At the same time, the transition from closed networks to enterprise IT networks to the public Internet is accelerating at an alarming pace—and justly raising alarms about security.

Make in India to bring about a technological revolution

Make in India, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 25 September 2014, is an initiative of the Government of India to encourage multinational as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products in India.

OTT VIDEO: What Does The Future Hold?

The new year is fast approaching, and much like the practice of making resolutions, it is time to look ahead for what the cable industry might see in 2016. One challenging area continues to be effectively responding to and competing with the disruptive transformation that has been going on around over-the-top (OTT) video services as well as the increasing number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the market.

Xavient’s Take on OTT, IoT

We spoke with Bob Hallahan, vp of solutions architecture at Xavient Information Systems about challenges and opportunities as cable expands its OTT, IoT and big data efforts. The company provides IT solutions to 4 of the top 5 MSOs in the US as well as several OTT providers.

Iot Risks and Opportunities for Businesses

As more and more organizations are working towards leveraging the power of Internet of Things(IoT) for better business management, it also opens windows for threats which one needs to battle. Saif Ahmad, President and COO of Xavient Information Systems explains how to harness the potential of IoT by taking both its risks and opportunities into consideration.

Talk to your Employees – Leadership through Conversations

Arshad Majeed, Executive Vice President , Global Delivery, Xavient Information Systems throws light on how enterprises are embracing technology to drive leadership through conversations that happen the social way!

Emerging ERP Trends

ERP today has undergone a massive transformation owing to the technological advancements and changes in the complete technology ecosystem. Here, are the emerging ERP trends which are transfiguring it.

Importance of giving effective feedback

Constructive feedback, both positive and negative is crucial to an employee’s development and performance. Deepika Pillai, Director-Human Resource, Xavient Information Systems, highlights the importance of timely and effective feedback for the employees and firm’s success.