As costs increase and competition intensifies, manufacturers are increasing their focus on automating their business processes. This process becomes even more critical when manufacturers aims to achieve high level of flexibility and agility to respond to unexpected changes in market conditions and be prepared to bring new products and services to market faster.

At Xavient, we help our customers derive value through their IT investments. In order to enable this we:

  • Conceptualize and develop manufacturing industry specific services and solution accelerators
  • Implement systems that enable demand-driven forecasting capabilities
  • Provide manufacturing and inventory planning solutions
  • Enable efficient order capture and fulfillment.
  • Optimize supply chain performance

Xavient’s lean principles to deliver optimum value

At Xavient, we leverage the principles of lean to eliminate wasted efforts, shrink delivery timelines, and streamline processes. We identify activities that do not create value for our customers and implement strategies to make such processes redundant while mitigating any associated risks. Xavient’s lean methodology reduces costs, defects, lead time, inventory, and waste while improving productivity, customer satisfaction, profits, customer responsiveness, capacity, quality, cash flow, and on-time delivery.

The five key principles of our lean methodology are:

Define Value: We clearly articulate the value from our customers’ perspective and express such value in terms of a specific product.

Map Value Stream: We map all the stepsclearly demarcating value additions and non-value adds so that we present our clients with a highly transparent service offering.

Streamline Flow: Enable continuous movement of products, services, and information throughout the manufacturing process.

Enable Pull Process: The upstream process commences only after receiving a signal from the downstream customer to ensure zero process errors.

Eliminate Waste: Complete elimination of waste in order to ensure all activities create value for the customer.

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