Integrated Engineering Solutions

Globally, almost every industry is witnessing transformation. As competition continues to grow more fierce with time, industry needs are also evolving at a fast pace. The ensuing result of these changing times is the intensified pressure on capturing a larger chunk of the market, becoming thought leaders and making higher revenues. On account of this, businesses today look for industry specialist engineering service providers to reduce their operational costs and enhance their margins. Xavient is one of the fastest growing solution and service providing companies in this space, with a strong focus on Integrated Engineering Services, and has leveraged its extensive domain expertise and experience to offer many businesses with relevant benefits. Our Delivery Verticals in Engineering Solutions are:

  • Interactive Solutions for STB
  • Applications for Hand Held Devices
  • IPv4 – IPv6 Transition in devices and networks
  • Test Lab for device testing (STB, Cable Modem etc.)
  • Solutions for SSD and HDD
  • Conditional Access Systems
  • Provisioning Stack
  • Device and Code Certification
  • Knowledge Based Automation (KBE)
  • Technical Publications

Value Differentiators
  • Industry specific know-how– We have a large pool of resources with industry specific know-how in addition to core software delivery skill-sets and cross-industry experience.
  • Dedicated Engineering Center – We have a dedicated in-house engineering center focusing on delivering sophisticated integrated engineering solutions to our customers.
  • Enterprise Architecture & Business Management Group – We are involved in the ‘Enterprise Architecture Group’ and ‘Business Management Group’ for cross-functional visibility and a better understanding of business priorities.
  • Technology Leaders – Our dedicated R&D center constantly focuses on latest technology trends, market changes, and new and emerging technologies to deliver the best engineering solutions.
  • Assured Quality – Our quality of service is validated by our ISO 27001 Certification, CMMI Level 5 Compliance, and ITIL Alignment.
  • Ready-made solutions– We provide faster delivery of solutions by implementing our ready-to-use, in-house engineering solutions.
  • Customer Centric Approach – Our customer-centric approach for integrated engineering solutions focuses on the customer as the core of a complete solution.
Xavient offers the following integrated engineering services:
  • Product Engineering: Xavient’s approach towards product engineering is a clear process that encompasses conceptualization, design, implementation, quality assurance, maintenance and optimization. Our product engineering solutions cover end-to-end product management. We help organizations benefit from our product engineering solutions by optimizing and customizing integration services that are further backboned by professional support services. Our product engineering services include: Services across different mediums-IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial, Addressable/Interactive TV Advertising, Targeting & Personalization Systems, and Enhanced Accountability Provisioning.
  • Firmware Development: Over the years, Xavient has leveraged its deep expertise around firmware development to carry out numerous projects. Our firmware development ranges from consumer electronics, such as household products to industrial products such as BIOS, phones, etc. Xavient has successfully developed firmware by implementing operating systems and protocols for Set Top Boxes, routers and networking equipment. We have been the exclusive provider of firmware to our customers who rely heavily on our expertise in this area of development.
  • Home Security and Automation: At Xavient, we enable our clients to provide their customers with home automation products and services that make life easier and stress-free. As technology advances, technology service providers feel the pressure to provide consumers with products and services that have become essential in today’s high-tech world, and which play a very important role in their lives. These products range anywhere from automated curtains to smoke detectors and fire alarms. Xavient’s expertise lies in implementing home automation gateways as well as wireless protocols such as Z-Wave and ZigBee for home automation.
  • Protocol Development: Xavient provides a wide range of services in the IPv6 arena. We have also successfully developed custom solutions, open source solutions and network engineering over the existing IPv4 networks. Xavient has also developed its expertise around implementing remote authentication and related services protocols such as TACACS+. Our teams have achieved extensive experience in new protocols, as a result of continuous research and providing development and deployment services for new protocols.
  • Drivers & Board support packages: As the world of embedded systems expands, Xavient matches pace to provide our clients top notch software products in the field by leveraging our software development and engineering expertise in building drivers and board support packages. Xavient has successfully developed board support packages for boards used for a variety of devices such as IP phones, hard drives, remote controls and on the like.
  • Network Configuration Management: Xavient focuses on management of network and system configuration for a diverse set of industries with domain expert consultants around the world holding technical and business proficiency. We deliver network management services at a compelling cost providing an added advantage to our clients.
  • Engineering Design and Development: As product development lifecycle shrinks, it becomes more critical than ever to get the detail design right. We, thus, provide detail engineering design for new designs and also support product improvement initiatives. Our experienced team specializes in verification and validation in terms of comprehensive engineering analysis and testing services.
  • Knowledge Based Automation (KBE) Using Design Automation: KBE helps in reduction in design time, eliminates checking, captures product knowledge and allows clients to customise more and more products with shorter lead time, increasing their market share and revenues.
  • Technical Publications: Professionally qualified engineers engage as technical authors to provide sound expertise necessary for a wide range of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM). Our Technical Publication services cover a wide range from marine, mechanical, electrical, electronics to weapons and logistics publications in the form of handbooks, operating manuals, damage control manuals, start-up/shut down procedure cards etc.