IT Infrastructure Services

IT infrastructure of a business or an organization acts like the backbone of all functions and needs to be managed and monitored effectively at all levels. Owing to the criticality of Infrastructure, it is more than important to ensure that its design is intelligently laid, monitored at all times and also enhanced whenever required.

With businesses increasingly adopting digitization, cloud computing and mobility, the reliability on durable and effective infrastructure management services has also raised significantly. The IT industry is now going through a phase of evolution, wherein, supporting complex systems and reducing overhead operational costs has become a big task. By implementing a strong IMS, you would not only be ensuring hassle free operations but would also be offering a great customer experience to your clients, at the same time reducing company costs.

At Xavient, we leverage the latest technologies and strategies to help client to manage their IT infrastructure effectively and ensure high performance. Our well-defined methodologies will help client to closely align IT and business objectives, optimize costs, and deliver measurable business value through IT.

Value Differentiators:

  • IT Management Consulting: Our expert professionals accurately identify your business needs and strategically provide solutions to meet them, in time and within the budgets. Their thorough research and analysis into your business, gives them the chance to help organization improve their performance, in terms of productivity as well as quality. They ensure that your business needs and IT systems are aligned perfectly, to continuously deliver a flawless performance.
  • Expert Team of IT Professionals: At Xavient, we make sure that our experts become your end to end transformation partners, assisting you enhance your products and services at every stage. With our knowledge and domain understanding, we take a deep dive into your business challenges and propose productive strategies to deliver a seamless experience. We continuously strive to allow you to leverage your potential in terms of adding your value to your business.
  • IT Agility: Xavient’s certified professionals help clients respond to changing business requirements by offering tailored solutions through flexible engagement models. The IT environment is constantly changing, with something new coming up every now and then. Our experts in agility ensure that your business does not lag behind and is always ahead of the market, in terms of, delivering the best and operating on the latest solutions. The agility we bring to your IT environment will give you a competitive edge over the other industry players.
  • Enterprise Stack Management: At Xavient, we offer end-to-end solution for all client IT infrastructure needs that guarantee continuous availability and increased productivity. Our infrastructure management practice offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for managing enterprise IT infrastructures including Network Operations Management, Data center Management, Cloud Management, Disaster Recovery and BCP and Network Eléments Management. Our services include:

    • Network Operations Management
    • Datacenter Management
    • Cloud Management
    • Disaster Recovery and BCP
    • Server Management – Unix, Linux, Windows
    • VOIP / IP Management
    • Backup & Storage Management

  • Application Support: Our services in Application Support and Maintenance have allowed business to accelerate their productivity by improving application efficiency and driving high performance. Our services are designed to help organizations reduce down time and expand the application’s life span. We help our customers transform their legacy systems into agile computing environment to compete with the best in the industry. Our services include:
    • Enterprise Application Support
    • Middleware Support
    • Data Base support
    • Software Configuration Management

  • Service Desk Support: Providing excellent customer services along with maintain costs are something that businesses always struggle to achieve. Xavient’s service desk support services offer clients with the best practices in compliance with the industry to help them free up their resources, as a result, increasing productivity as well as providing excellent customer service. Complicated distribution of computing needs and devices demands for a way to collaborate operations and services, which Xavient delivers with utmost efficiency. Our service desk support services include:
    • Monitoring & Event Management
    • Incident / Problem Management
    • Service Management
    • Mobile Device Management
    • Unified Communications
    • Escalation Management
    • Change Management
    • Release Management
    • BYOD
    • Account Management
    • Reporting
    • End User Computing
    • Virtual Desktop Management

  • Enterprise Security Operation Support: With technology evolving and getting ever so complicated, organizations across the world have taken to the concern for strong security solutions. However, there have still been many instances of threats and security breach which leave organizations looking for efficient security operation support. While most organization have adopted mobility, cloud computing and many other latest technologies, security still remains one of their biggest concerns. At Xavient, we understand the clients’ need for a secure IT environment, keeping the integrity of critical resources intact as well as protecting your operations & data. Our IT security stack comprises of:

    • Firewall Management
    • End points Management
    • Security Operation Centre
    • Intrusion Detection & Prevention Support