IT Life Cycle Services

Technology is evolving continuously. Xavient is keeping up with the transformation through its in-house team of experts, cutting-edge technologies, and solution accelerators. We strive to deliver at every front, which is why right from analysis to designing and from implementation to testing, Xavient takes complete responsibility of the entire IT lifecycle.

Whether the company is looking for personalized solutions to cater to their business requirements or wants to establish their IT infrastructure, Xavient has the resources and expertise to get the job done. Our dedicated team of professionals ensures our customers get a highly scalable, steady, and secure solution, while maintaining a proper balance between cost and quality.

Our value differentiators –

Dedicated Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE): We have an in-house TCoE with a team of domain experts to deliver tailored solutions.

Industry Standard Methodologies: Xavient adheres to industry standards to define service delivery methodologies and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that describe operations, reporting, and other processes.

Risk-Based Testing: Our experts identify risks and address activities that can be performed in parallel while developing new opportunities.

Process Optimization: At Xavient we focus on optimizing the processes that help our customers achieve:

  • Seamless implementation
  • Budgeted services
  • Speedy resolutions
  • Trouble-free execution
When it comes to innovation and transformation, there is no doubt that technology continues to move at lightning speed. Keeping this fast-paced evolution in mind, Xavient has established a core foundation of technology experts and in-house frameworks along with solution accelerators for faster time to market. We have also developed sophisticated scalable applications to meet some of the most challenging IT issues. Right from the analysis of the project at hand to its design, implementation, testing and integration of the systems, Xavient takes responsibility of the entire Application Development Lifecycle. Often, companies look for customized solutions that can instantly match their business requirements. We, at Xavient, understand this need and strive to build solutions specifically designed for our customers’ businesses. Our professional experts believe in delivering steady, scalable, and highly responsive applications reinforced with a strong architecture and seamless integration capabilities, while focusing on latest technology features. Xavient’s experience across varied sectors gives us an edge over our competitors to deliver exactly what our customers need. Our ability to recognize business requirements ensures success with the best possible balance of cost and quality.

How We Are Different:
  • Consumer Centric technologies – We offer the latest web 2.0 stack, creating high touch, high performance and a cross-device scalable architecture to create customer stickiness.
  • Domain Specific Centers of Excellence – Our Domain specific Centers of Excellence act as virtual extension of the project teams, assisting in high-end technical architecting and innovation.
  • Industry Standard Methodologies – We follow industry standards and conventions to define service delivery methodologies and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that describe operational, reporting, and other processes. . We excel in Dev-Ops and Agile TDD.
  • In-house Solution Accelerators – We believe in delivering excellence through developing solution accelerators such as reusable frameworks and components for faster time-to- market.
Testing is no longer just a phase to be ignored, but has now been recognized as an integral part of any production cycle. It has become imperative to comprehensively test the quality and performance of all systems and applications in order to ensure its smooth function. Since the quality of every product and customer satisfaction largely depends on how well it has been tested, our focus on TQA never deters. Banking upon the diverse experience gained over the span of a decade, Xavient has established a dedicated Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) focused towards fostering innovation and delivering excellence to our esteemed clients. Our testing competency is supported by industry certified professionals and consistent successful deliveries through customized and cost-effective flexible engagement models. Xavient strives to constantly make efforts to deliver avant-garde testing services managing end-to-end test lifecycles. Our team brings customers the latest industry trends, including best practices and new tools and technologies to serve our customers’ business needs. Our testing function inherently follows a proactive rather than reactive culture, helping our customers stay ahead in the market.

Value Differentiators
  • Dedicated Test Centre of Excellence (TCoE): Xavient utilizes in-house expert practice groups with domain specific competencies to deliver tailored solutions, in collaboration with our key partners.
  • Ready-to-use Solution Accelerators: Xavient encourages reusability of assets, solutions and frameworks through tools that are built and designed by our best of breed technical experts.
  • Risk-Based Testing: Xavient focuses on identifying risk areas and addressing activities that can be done in parallel and developing new opportunities.
  • 70% Certified Test Professionals: Xavient holds dedicated domain certified testing professionals whose skills are continuously enriched through development and knowledge sessions.
  • Accelerated KT Model: Xavient ensures continuity and quality of delivery via structured Knowledge Management Process.
  • Process Optimization: Xavient focuses on Process optimization as a whole, thereby helping our customers achieve:
    • 360 degree QA implementation
    • Testing budget reduction up to 30%
    • Defect reduction up to 50%
    • Speed up release cycles by 20%
    • Automate right from day zero
    • Transform testing in 6 months
    • Assure 99% application availability
Businesses adapting to latest technologies often end up with complex systems in place which eventually also become difficult to manage as a whole. Enterprise Application Services give an optimum support to the multiple functions and business processes that are important to be kept up and running at all times. Organizations today are making conscience efforts to improve their processes and drive the business growth by providing an array of enterprise application services. With a host of consultants and technologists, Xavient is trained and proficient in a large array of technologies. But, to go the extra mile, we also believe in establishing certain strategic partnerships with global leaders in enterprise software and services, to deliver the best for our customers. This enables us to fully collaborate with and leverage companies that can bring proven and significant value to the clients and their businesses. Effective collaboration with global players such as Oracle and Microsoft has led Xavient to provide comprehensive solutions to customers with a commitment to industry standards and proven technologies.

Xavient’s value differentiators include:
  • Center of Excellence (CoE): At Xavient, along with a strong team of technical and functional consultants, we also host a Center of Excellence which offers our clients a cost effective way to benefit from world class resources to accelerate time to market.
  • Industry-tailored Solutions: Xavient helps clients implement and upgrade enterprise applications, or deploy a custom-tailored industry solution to match their business needs. Our strategic approach to utilize the best solutions at minimal operational costs allows businesses to reap maximum profits with high performance and productivity.
  • Business Process Expertise: Xavient’s team of experts equipped with the latest tools and technologies, as well as in-depth domain knowledge, transforms the management perspective into IT solutions that automate, integrate, and monitor business processes.
  • Experienced Professionals: Xavient’s strength lies with its functional and technical certified consultants in various domains and technologies, who have a passion for delivering service at the highest quality standards in every domain.
  • Proven Offshoring Model: At Xavient, we offer our customers, substantial cost savings, with successful implementation of services around the clock. We ensure that we provide them with a competitive edge in the industry through our proven offshoring strategy, eventually enabling them to reduce costs and focus on core areas.
  • Strategic Alliances: Our partnerships and alliances with leading vendors enable our teams to bring the best practices and lessons learned from hands-on implementations worldwide and across industry verticals.
Organizations around the world are gradually seeking Open Source Platform services because of the wide areas of innovation that it provides. The ability to allow organizations to experiment and constantly evolve with the latest trends is what has made these services appealing to many growing businesses. However, while open source gives businesses the power to adapt to change almost instantly, it also equally emphasizes the importance of security, by allowing the administrators control the measure of participation from different individuals.

  • In-house Expertise: At Xavient, we proudly hold a team of open source experts who have in-depth knowledge of the development, implementation and testing of open source solutions. Our expertise can help businesses enhance functionality, reduce operational costs and yield results much more efficiently.
  • In-house labs: Our in-house innovation labs are the perfect center for developing reusable frameworks and tools, aimed at upgrading an organization’s already existing software solutions, without hampering the output quality.
  • In-house API portal: At Xavient, we also have an in-house API portal for all internal teams and professional executives to access and use for multiple projects. Our belief in a collaborative work environment gives us the opportunity to present innovative solutions with the help of a team of intellectual minds, rightly packaged to meet all needs for increased organizational and business profits.
  • Dedicated Architecture Review Team: With the help of industry best specialists and our alliances with some key industry players, we have built our own team of accomplished experts dedicated strictly to reviewing open source architecture for every open source project. Leveraging their vast technical knowledge and expertise, this team successfully enables us to serve our clients in the best possible ways.
IT infrastructure of a business or an organization acts like the backbone of all functions and needs to be managed and monitored effectively at all levels. Owing to the criticality of Infrastructure, it is more than important to ensure that its design is intelligently laid, monitored at all times and also enhanced whenever required. With businesses increasingly adopting digitization, cloud computing and mobility, the reliability on durable and effective infrastructure management services has also raised significantly. The IT industry is now going through a phase of evolution, wherein, supporting complex systems and reducing overhead operational costs has become a big task. By implementing a strong IMS, you would not only be ensuring hassle free operations but would also be offering a great customer experience to your clients, at the same time reducing company costs. At Xavient, we leverage the latest technologies and strategies to help client to manage their IT infrastructure effectively and ensure high performance. Our well-defined methodologies will help client to closely align IT and business objectives, optimize costs, and deliver measurable business value through IT. Value Differentiators:

  • IT Management Consulting: Our expert professionals accurately identify your business needs and strategically provide solutions to meet them, in time and within the budgets. Their thorough research and analysis into your business, gives them the chance to help organization improve their performance, in terms of productivity as well as quality. They ensure that your business needs and IT systems are aligned perfectly, to continuously deliver a flawless performance.
  • Expert Team of IT Professionals: At Xavient, we make sure that our experts become your end to end transformation partners, assisting you enhance your products and services at every stage. With our knowledge and domain understanding, we take a deep dive into your business challenges and propose productive strategies to deliver a seamless experience. We continuously strive to allow you to leverage your potential in terms of adding your value to your business.
  • IT Agility: Xavient’s certified professionals help clients respond to changing business requirements by offering tailored solutions through flexible engagement models. The IT environment is constantly changing, with something new coming up every now and then. Our experts in agility ensure that your business does not lag behind and is always ahead of the market, in terms of, delivering the best and operating on the latest solutions. The agility we bring to your IT environment will give you a competitive edge over the other industry players.
Globally, almost every industry is witnessing transformation. As competition continues to grow more fierce with time, industry needs are also evolving at a fast pace. The ensuing result of these changing times is the intensified pressure on capturing a larger chunk of the market, becoming thought leaders and making higher revenues. On account of this, businesses today look for industry specialist engineering service providers to reduce their operational costs and enhance their margins. Xavient is one of the fastest growing solution and service providing companies in this space, with a strong focus on Integrated Engineering Services, and has leveraged its extensive domain expertise and experience to offer many businesses with relevant benefits. Our Delivery Verticals in Engineering Solutions are:

  • Interactive Solutions for STB
  • Applications for Hand Held Devices
  • IPv4 – IPv6 Transition in devices and networks
  • Test Lab for device testing (STB, Cable Modem etc.)
  • Solutions for SSD and HDD
  • Conditional Access Systems
  • Provisioning Stack
  • Device and Code Certification
  • Knowledge Based Automation (KBE)
  • Technical Publications
Value Differentiators
  • Industry specific know-how– We have a large pool of resources with industry specific know-how in addition to core software delivery skill-sets and cross-industry experience.
  • Dedicated Engineering Center – We have a dedicated in-house engineering center focusing on delivering sophisticated integrated engineering solutions to our customers.
  • Enterprise Architecture & Business Management Group – We are involved in the ‘Enterprise Architecture Group’ and ‘Business Management Group’ for cross-functional visibility and a better understanding of business priorities.
  • Technology Leaders – Our dedicated R&D center constantly focuses on latest technology trends, market changes, and new and emerging technologies to deliver the best engineering solutions.
  • Assured Quality – Our quality of service is validated by our ISO 27001 Certification, CMMI Level 5 Compliance, and ITIL Alignment.
  • Ready-made solutions– We provide faster delivery of solutions by implementing our ready-to-use, in-house engineering solutions.
  • Customer Centric Approach – Our customer-centric approach for integrated engineering solutions focuses on the customer as the core of a complete solution.