Over the years, IT has managed to transform the face of the manufacturing industry by introducing more efficient and automated industrial and organizational functions to the sector.

As market conditions are always dynamic and vary as per a multitude of different factors, it is imperative for organizations to have responsive products and services ready to offer to the market at all times. At Xavient, we understand the need for our manufacturing clients to stay ahead of the market requirements.

Xavient’s Lean Principles to Deliver Optimum Value

In order to surpass the limitations of machine versus human automation, we at Xavient leverage lean principles designed to eliminate wasted efforts, shrink delivery timelines and streamline processes. We identify activities that do not create value for our customers and implement strategies to eliminate any redundant processes, while also mitigating any associated risks. Essentially, Xavient’s lean methodology reduces costs, defects, lead time, inventory and waste, while improving productivity, customer satisfaction, profits, customer responsiveness, capacity, quality, cash flow and on-time delivery.

The Five Key Principles of our Lean Methodology are:

Define Value: We clearly articulate the value from our customers’ perspective and express this value through the creation of a specific product.

Map Value Stream: We map each step of the process clearly demarcating both value and non-value additions so that we present our clients with a highly transparent service offering that both reduces waste and improves implementation processes.

Streamline Flow: We ensure the enablement of continuous movement of products, services and information throughout the manufacturing life cycle and process.

Enable Pull Process: : Our upstream process commences only after receiving a signal from the downstream customer to ensure zero process errors.

Eliminate Waste: We aim at achieving complete elimination of waste in order to ensure that all activities create value for the customer at any given time.

With extensive experience in building and implementing end-to-end supply chain solutions from leading vendors and partners, Xavient’s expert professionals help manufacturers optimize their supply chain by reducing costs and inventories. Our supply chain solutions offer seamless integration of the entire supply chain operations with shop-floor applications by providing real-time integration with back-end operations. Xavient’s alliance partnerships with product principals like SAP and Oracle enable us to integrate these packaged solutions and build real time collaborative frameworks to connect clients with suppliers and partners.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Xavient’s solutions in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) help address the gaps between shop- floor and control systems on one hand and the enterprise level ERP systems on the other. Our solutions result in firm control over manufacturing activities and ultimately, in first time end-product quality and production repeatability. Xavient’s solutions leverage industry best practices for implementation and integration.

With Xavient, manufacturers can improve their transaction throughput by 2 to 10 times and reduce support and maintenance costs by 45%.

Currently supporting a number of global manufacturing businesses, Xavient makes a difference through the addition of value. Our deep understanding of manufacturing operations, as exemplified through our industry specific solutions such as operational dashboards, enterprise performance analytics and remanufacturing, is a significant differentiator from our competition.

Some of our key service offerings for manufacturing companies are:

Transformational Services

Xavient’s Enterprise Transformation Services group assists our forward-looking customers to develop a roadmap that aligns business strategy with appropriate IT solutions. The group offers an integrated approach towards business processes, technology, application and data to deliver end-to-end services that support transformation across the enterprise. With an expert team of 2000+ consultants, Xavient provides best-in-class services in key areas including:

  • Business Transformation
  • Technology Transformation
  • Mainframe and Midrange Services
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Middleware and SOA
  • Enterprise Content Management and Portals
  • Independent Verification & Validation

Infrastructure Services

Xavient’s Infrastructure Services address the growing demand for cost-effective management of technology infrastructure. With a vision to develop innovative solutions for enterprises worldwide, Xavient’s team of experienced experts, have built a unique model for Remote IT Infrastructure Management that enables organizations to achieve superior infrastructure performance and significantly optimize costs. Key infrastructure services offered by Xavient include:

  • End User Computing
  • Datacenter Services
  • Network Services
  • Security Services
  • Application Operations Services
  • Process and Tools Services

Quality Assurance & Testing

Xavient’s Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) provides a bouquet of managed testing services for organizations of every size. Our testing methodology covers an entire gamut of the software development lifecycle, from the planning stage to fixing the test cycles.

Application Development & Maintenance

Our application development services help manufacturers address evolving business needs and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet business requirements.


With our industry knowledge and experience in business intelligence and analytics, we are capable of helping our customers with insights to improve the decision making process enabled through reporting, dashboards and data integration and management.