Xavient Announces Strategic Partnership with CloudBolt

Leading IT Solutions Firms Enhances Big Data and Analytics Solutions

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., Jan. 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Xavient Information Systems, a leading global information technology consulting and software solutions firm, recently announced a strategic partnership with CloudBolt to drive innovation in the use of Big Data and Cloud-based technologies on behalf of its clients. The agreement with CloudBolt enables Xavient to help clients leverage cutting-edge Big Data and analytics solutions and customize solutions to transform the way they do business.

“Similar to the industrial age, in which raw material was amassed for processing and manufacturing, today we are facing a ‘Digital Industrialization’ challenge, with data, instead of raw materials,” said Neeraj Sabharwal, Head of Cloud, Data & Analytics at Xavient. Our solutions-focused partnership with CloudBolt allows us to unify cloud management across diverse enterprise computing platforms to optimize workload placement and analyze large data sets in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

Over the last six months, Xavient has signed a series of agreements to offer best-of-breed technologies, and, combined with the firm’s custom approach to solutions, provides large enterprise clients the ability to better collect, access and gain insights from their data.

Xavient will also serve as a CloudBolt Channel Partner, offering its cloud management platform that enables enterprise IT to operate as their own cloud service provider. Its platform integrates on-premises resources and public clouds in a single, intuitive interface. With CloudBolt’s addition of powerful cloud bursting capabilities and its support for a broad-range of public and private cloud environments, IT teams of all sizes can now more easily reduce cloud expenditures by ensuring that they are only using, and paying for, the public cloud resources they need.

“Enterprise customers are looking to partner with companies that provide a clear vision for the cloud-centric future. The driving force at CloudBolt has always been our passion to enable IT organizations to deliver service agility and flexibility while still maintaining control over their multi-cloud environments,” said Brian Kelly, Director at CloudBolt Software. “Through our new partnership with Xavient and with the support of our established Cloud Platform, we will now be able to help new customers address those challenges by providing the tools and teams that they need to be efficient, cost-effective and successful.”

Xavient and CloudBolt will be able to optimize corporations’ use of public cloud resources by automatically detecting when an internally hosted application is under load and temporarily scaling it into a public cloud provider to supplement resources and maintain performance. Until now, cloud bursting has been limited to large IT organizations because it requires a comprehensive management solution that spans all relevant technologies and integrated networking, OS, and application provisioning.

About CloudBolt
CloudBolt is a powerfully simple cloud management platform that integrates on-premises virtualization and private cloud environments with public clouds, configuration management tools, and domain-specific technologies. CloudBolt’s intuitive self-service IT portal and unified manager enable users to provision and manage the resources they need. Enterprise IT organizations maintain control through configuration standards, usage quotas, and cost transparency. CloudBolt drives business agility by automating the request, provisioning, and ongoing management of systems and applications.
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