Next Gen Solutions

In an era where the Internet and technology are evolving and growing exponentially, it has become an absolute necessity for all businesses to keep up with the pace of innovation. We, at Xavient, believe in focusing on in-depth research, constantly upgrading our technology and staying ahead of the latest in the industry to ensure timely delivery of innovative cutting-edge Next-Generation solutions in the fields of Internet of Things (IoT), Over-The-Top (OTT) Solutions, Cloud Services and Business Intelligence & Analytics are tailored to fit our customers’ specific business needs.

Xavient offers the following value differentiators to its customers with respect to Next-Gen solutions:
  • A dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) for Next-Gen solutions with our experts working diligently on the latest emerging technologies.
  • Extensive analysis and research on every industry, business model, technology and existing and potential solutions to offer our customers.
  • Innovative thinking and a forward looking approach that helps us conceive holistic solutions to benefit our customers, rather than simple implementation of solutions that already exist in the market.
  • Innovative solutions brought to life through our unique blend of in-house solution accelerators and frameworks.
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing in the revolution journey of technology and the Internet and is set to transform our everyday lives. We live in a world where regular objects are constantly connected to the Internet and exchanging tremendous amounts of data, thereby continuously reshaping the way we interact, communicate and live. IoT will soon penetrate every sphere, from Retail to Banking, Healthcare to Insurance, Utility to Transport, and Telecommunication to Manufacturing. IoT is the future of convergence and convenience for both customers and businesses alike.

Xavient’s IoT Lab: Areas of Research

  • Scalability in networking, storage and computation to handle exponential growth of data volume from sensors
  • Security of the ‘data-at-flight’ and ‘data-at-rest’ without compromising on scalability
  • Preservation of privacy of the user data and proper balance between privacy and utility
  • Interoperability among myriad sensor data sources (physical communication level, network level, data syntax level, and data semantics level)
  • Rich analytics and visualization (generic, sensor-specific, and domain-specific) provided in real-time, as required

Service Benefits

  • Unified identity for ‘Things’; trustable sensors
  • Effortless interactions with machines & devices
  • Strategies for large scale sensor data streams
  • Diverse device management, testing & validation
  • Increased robustness, alternate communication modalities
  • Improved coverage, reduced cost
  • Interfaces for Interoperability
  • Variable Services Design

With the telecommunications domain going through an intense innovative phase, it is needless to say that OTT solutions are expected to decide the future of the communication landscape across all industries. Owing to the quality of content delivery that it offers to service providers, OTT solutions will give telecom businesses the opportunity to maximize their revenues.

Xavient possesses in-depth knowledge of the components and expertise that go into developing flawless OTT solutions. Our OTT solutions provide our customers with the capability to improve and augment their content offerings in order to exceed the various ever-changing needs of their customers. In turn, our solutions enable our customers to create a much larger customer base and to deliver directly to those customers, consequently generating more revenue.

Following are some of the OTT solution areas that Xavient caters in:

  • Audio, Video Streaming
  • VOIP
  • Social Media
  • Instant Messaging
  • Broadcasting
  • E-commerce
  • BYOD
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Smart TV
  • Gaming
  • Internet TV

The emergence of cloud based services is fast urging businesses around the world to shift operations on the virtual front. This shift has enabled companies to operate complex functions efficiently and in a cost effective manner. With Xavient’s expertise and domain knowledge, we work towards enabling our clients to automate their services and enhance their infrastructure. The need to introduce agility and collaboration further strengthens the importance of Cloud-based services.

Xavient consolidates and delivers its Cloud services expertise and best practices in the following ways:

  • TCO and Cloud Pricing Analysis
  • Architecture & Consultancy
  • Enabling & Engineering Services
  • Integration Services
  • Software to Cloud transition
  • Test & Configuration Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Support Services

Our Key Services

  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Enabling and Engineering Services
  • Cloud Integration and Migration Services
  • Independent Cloud Testing Services
  • Cloud Analytics and BI Services
  • Cloud Performance Monitoring
  • Technical Operations Support

Big Data is clearly making its way into every sector and function in the global economy. In the process, most businesses now rely heavily on their valuable data. However, a major challenge lies in dealing with unstructured data, which leave businesses without insight into meaningful information that can help in decision making.

Our experts at Xavient, understand the need for an intelligent business system with capabilities of analyzing both content and context of data. Our BI and Analytics solutions ensure improvement in efficiency and productivity for business processes of our clients.

Xavient’s Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics services include the following:

Analytics & Reporting

  • Multidimensional Analytics Framework
  • Process Oriented Approach based reporting

Strategy Consulting

  • Design and Architecture
  • Business Requirements Analysis & Data Modeling
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • BI System Analysis

Solutions Development

  • BI Portal Design and Reporting
  • Construct and Implement BI & Data Warehouse solutions
  • ETL Architecture, Development & Custom Reporting