Open Source Platform Services

Organizations around the world are gradually seeking Open Source Platform services because of the wide areas of innovation that it provides. The ability to allow organizations to experiment and constantly evolve with the latest trends is what has made these services appealing to many growing businesses. However, while open source gives businesses the power to adapt to change almost instantly, it also equally emphasizes the importance of security, by allowing the administrators control the measure of participation from different individuals.

  • In-house Expertise: At Xavient, we proudly hold a team of open source experts who have in-depth knowledge of the development, implementation and testing of open source solutions. Our expertise can help businesses enhance functionality, reduce operational costs and yield results much more efficiently.
  • In-house labs: Our in-house innovation labs are the perfect center for developing reusable frameworks and tools, aimed at upgrading an organization’s already existing software solutions, without hampering the output quality.
  • In-house API portal: At Xavient, we also have an in-house API portal for all internal teams and professional executives to access and use for multiple projects. Our belief in a collaborative work environment gives us the opportunity to present innovative solutions with the help of a team of intellectual minds, rightly packaged to meet all needs for increased organizational and business profits.
  • Dedicated Architecture Review Team: With the help of industry best specialists and our alliances with some key industry players, we have built our own team of accomplished experts dedicated strictly to reviewing open source architecture for every open source project. Leveraging their vast technical knowledge and expertise, this team successfully enables us to serve our clients in the best possible ways.
At Xavient, we conduct formal opportunity assessments around the viability of open source to address common enterprise scenarios. Eventually, when a particular scenario proves to be promising, we push it forward to design and ultimately build and operate a custom solution based on open source. However, our services are not just limited to designing and building of solutions; we take it one step further and also maintain the solutions for our premier clients.

By offering all the necessary support services and product upgrades, our open source platform services cover key technology areas such as Collaboration, Content Management, Business Intelligence, Integration, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Enterprise Service Bus and Cloud solutions, among others.

Here is a quick snapshot of Xavient’s open source platform service offerings:
  • System Integration Services: As businesses evolve and grow, very often, they end up with multiple functions and numerous systems, which eventually become the cause of a deceleration of processes and a plunge of productivity. However, with the established open source services at Xavient, many organizations have realized the benefit of effectively using our system integration services.. By integrating multiple services, organizations receive a full set of functional units, that combine together to deliver the best in class services. By adopting integration services, businesses also ensure that operational costs are significantly reduced, without compromising on the quality of deliveries.
  • Consulting Services: Our team of experts at Xavient is proficient at understanding client requirements after taking a deep dive into their business challenges. Our consulting solutions are well researched and carefully crafted, to match business needs and to offer solutions that would significantly help organizations evolve in the long run. Our experience in providing consulting services in both niche as well as large scale implementations gives us a competitive advantage in the industry and provides our clients the trust to take our services forward for their business growth.
  • Architecture Services: To meet future competency requirements, it is imperative for businesses to adopt and implement architectural designs that are solid as well as scalable. We, at Xavient, have the exact vision for developing solutions that have a simple architecture, and yet are an exact match for organizational needs. We host the prefect combination of resources that possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience of implementing secure, reliable and high performance architecture solutions for our clients. While developing architectural solutions, our experts aim at delivering models that are reusable, extendable and maintainable, keeping in mind the cost structure of the organization. Equal emphasis is also placed on reducing redundancy in existing models and enhancing alignment with core business areas.
  • Development Services: With over a decade of experience in open source system (OSS) development services, we have proved ourselves at every step, delivering customized solutions to overcome varied business challenges. Our experts have successfully developed some of the most reliable, high performance and dynamic web applications using various open source platforms. Our services in terms of end-to-end development of applications on open source platform have benefited many of our clients when it comes to achieving business goals.
  • Implementation Services: Our expertise in the implementation of open source services with an organization’s already existing software stack helps accelerate processes, and enhance productivity. Our subject matter experts (SMEs) at Xavient, provide a wide array of services when it comes to implementation of solutions. By receiving open source implementation services from Xavient, businesses achieve a competitive advantage through our combination of our products and service expertise and alliance with market leaders.
  • Testing & Support Services: For organizations that believe in continuously reinventing themselves and evolving with the latest industry trends, testing and support services on open source systems become critically essential. Keeping quick responses and reduced costs as the center of focus, we, at Xavient, implement open source testing tools to the best of our capabilities.