Platform Services

At Xavient, we are working to design and architect SDN & NFV assets that help accelerate engineering services. Leveraging the fast paced developments in the open source community, we partner with our clients to help speed the adoption of NFV services through demonstrations and proofs of concept (PoC). Our NFV service offerings range from solution design and engineering to integration and deployment to meet the clients’ business needs. Xavient is enabling its clients to develop strategy and adoption roadmap to move towards a virtualized network infrastructure.

NFV unleashes the power of network cloud-based services, allowing for:

  • More adaptable network at your command with SDN
  • Automating everything and simplifying network operations
  • New elastic services
  • Reducing OpEx
  • Increasing service revenue
The emergence of cloud based services is fast urging businesses around the world to shift operations on the virtual front. This shift has enabled companies to operate complex functions efficiently and in a cost effective manner. With Xavient’s expertise and domain knowledge, we work towards enabling our clients to automate their services and enhance their infrastructure. The need to introduce agility and collaboration further strengthens the importance of Cloud-based services. Xavient consolidates and delivers its Cloud services expertise and best practices in the following ways:

  • TCO and Cloud Pricing Analysis
  • Architecture & Consultancy
  • Enabling & Engineering Services
  • Integration Services
  • Software to Cloud transition
  • Test & Configuration Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Support Services

Our Key Services

  • Cloud Consulting Services
  • Cloud Enabling and Engineering Services
  • Cloud Integration and Migration Services
  • Independent Cloud Testing Services
  • Cloud Analytics and BI Services
  • Cloud Performance Monitoring
  • Technical Operations Support


Our cloud-native PaaS helps digital enterprises to quickly innovate, experiment and scale to market demands. We work with leading PaaS solution providers, including both public (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google etc.) and Cloud Foundry-based products (including Pivotal Cloud Foundry).

We leverage partner PaaS solutions, or manage PaaS platforms directly for the clients with services that include:

  • Micro-services: Accelerating time-to-market with smaller and logical units of deployment
  • Containerization: Quickly move, enhance and scale applications with independent containers enabling modular development and deployment
  • Agile & DevOps: Changing organizational culture, skills and approaches in a move toward end-to-end automation and continuous deployment
The introduction of digital technologies requires special attention to new talent attributes, along with change and management capabilities as businesses are propelled to new levels of performance through organizational and cultural changes. SMAC and other digital technologies play a vital role in establishing a true outcome based business partnership and collaborations. By systematically considering the size and scope of the opportunities presented by digitization and prioritizing elements of the back-office digital transformation according to the near-term and long-term objectives, companies can take advantage of new technologies to reduce costs and optimize performance.

Many organizations have begun to implement a multifunctional approach to shared services, this relates to handling non-core and technology transformation services. Xavient’s global business services model is multifunctional, fully integrated, end-to-end process oriented that can transform your business. We achieve it through creation of a unified business services unit capable of managing end-to-end processes.

Xavient’s Integrated shared services for delivering customer-centric end-to-end IT services

  • Technology – Deploying emerging Digital & CX solutions to enable Digital Transformation for enterprises
  • People – Global talent, Training , Collaboration, Cultural diversity
  • Processes – Lean, Agile, DevOps, Lean, SLA/KPIs
  • Service Delivery – Moving to the next level of value creation with increased responsiveness and more innovative approaches to service delivery
Digitization trends are re-shaping the industrial world. The risk of disruption brings with it significant opportunities and Xavient’s Digital Framework provides companies with the tools & platforms to be a part of the Digital Transformation. With extensive experience in understanding the digital economy, Xavient is strategically placed to help its clients deliver better products, services and business processes through digitization.

Our experts help clients define and deliver winning strategies by harnessing the power of new digital economy, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach. We design and deliver significant transformations through our digital advances, information insight, and business transformation. Our commitment is to deliver significant improvements in value and performance.

Our Digital frameworks streamline company processes, re-invent business models & develop digital technology platforms for building digital-ready enterprises.

  • AI Platform – Da Vinci to support Bots, & NLP systems
  • Big Data & Analytics Platform – DiP | CDS | XAE
  • Mobile & Omni channel Platforms