IT systems are an integral part of the telecommunications industry. Factors such as complex and dynamic tariff structures, the need for a fully-automated system to manage pre-paid billing cycles in real time, the saturation of the telecom industry in developed markets, and the overarching goal of achieving unmatched customer satisfaction, each necessitate sophisticated IT systems that are fully integrated with the rest of the enterprise and enable real-time monitoring, reporting and collaboration. Additionally, CIOs are under pressure to make IT a value driver while optimizing operations to keep IT costs low.

At Xavient, we have extensive experience and expertise in transforming the IT landscape for our telecom clients. We realize IT is no longer simply a support function but rather, an integral part of business. Therefore, we offer an expansive array of IT consulting services which, in turn, enables our clients to efficiently deliver different types of services to their ever-growing customer bases. Several Fortune 1000 companies have leveraged our expertise to transform their IT systems in order to support and launch new services across multiple channels of communication.

Business Benefits of Associating with Xavient

Xavient’s goal is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage by reducing both the time-to-market launch for new services as well as the overall cost of engagement. Our unique global delivery model combines both onsite and offshore delivery enabling round-the-clock service support. For over a decade, Xavient has been delivering cost efficient, growth stimulating technology-based business solutions to organizations worldwide with a proven track record of on-time, on-budget delivery.

Below are just a few of the benefits our telecom clients enjoy by partnering with Xavient:

  • Tremendous cost savings and rapid project turnaround times;
  • Sophisticated IT systems for provisioning, mediation, rating and billing;
  • Fully IT-automated process chain for real-time processes such as billing of prepaid accounts;
  • Integrated systems enabling real-time collaboration;
  • Transformation of both back-end and front-office operations; and
  • The ability to introduce new business models and service offerings.
Xavient combines its expertise in technology with its profound understanding of the telecommunications industry to provide innovative solutions and versatile support systems to network operators, service providers, telecom and datacom equipment vendors and product companies.

Our unique global delivery model helps our clients reduce time-to-market launch for new services and overall cost of engagement and thereby improve their competitive efficacy.

Xavient offers the following expertise to cater to its telecom clients’ technology needs:

  • Preferred SI for leading CSPs for 10+ years
  • Large base of SMEs with extensive knowledge of Telecom O/BSS applications
  • Multi-vendor implementation orchestrator, assuring optimal collaboration and alignment across the O/BSS stack
  • Extensive experience in large system implementations with lower TCO using optimized global delivery model
  • In-house accelerators, tools, frameworks, and methodologies that enhance customer experience
  • Assured quality of service validated by our ISO 27001 Certification, CMMI Level 5 Compliance, and ITIL Alignment.
  • Innovative and ready-to-access proprietary frameworks and solution accelerators
  • Faster time-to-market with higher ROI
In the highly competitive telecommunication landscape, Xavient works to help its providers gain new agility in responding to change by utilizing a communication practice that blends industry knowledge, targeted services, technology, and functional expertise along with a proven global delivery model. At Xavient, we take a holistic approach and a long-term view towards the industries we serve, considering both current and future needs. Our service offerings in the telecommunication space include: