Call Center Real time Monitoring

  • A real-time Call Center monitoring tool that will provide site-level data to the Senior executives and vendors
    with drill down capabilities.
  • Real Time Monitoring platform is capable of blending outsource partners real time statistics along with Avaya CMS real time statistics enabling effective call flow management and SLAs across each of the vendors and the in-house organization, improving the overall customer experience.
  • QOS(Quality Of Service) to the customers – identify issues in customer servicing for the
    calls at the call centers at different locations and address those issues in real time manner

  • Allows real-time view of Agent Centric and Queue Centric data in different canvases with visibility of in house and Vendor data in the same grain.

  • Alerts System – triggers an alarm on the Canvas/View and notify stake holders when any data element value crosses the threshold or any SLA for data refresh rate is not met

  • Intuitive Reporting – render views in different graphical displays across multiple devices like Mobile, tablet and Big TVs.